Solar Thermal

Solar Water Heating is established to be one of the most efficient, sustainable and cost-effective sources of heating water. It is a renewable energy gathered from a free resource, THE SUN and aside from the initial installation and maintenance costs there are no other fees or bills and a properly designed solar system can provide up to 70% of your annual hot water requirements.

Solar Water Heating allows you to almost completely shut down your boiler during the summer months, reducing your carbon emissions and providing you with a lower dependency on oil and gas.

Solar collectors are the main elements of a Solar Water Heating System and are usually positioned on a south facing roof. They absorb and utilise the heat from the sun to offset the water heating demand. Collectors are connected to a solar cylinder, solar pump station and controllers to co-ordinate the process and deliver heat automatically to the cylinder using a special solar coil.

Solar Thermal is a pre-heat system and due to the intermittency and seasonal dependency of the solar resource, additional heat is required by a conventional boiler or immersion. For most domestic installations the solar heating system is designed to heat hot water only but more advanced systems are available for heating, pre-heating and east/west applications.

There are two main types of Solar Hot Water collectors: flat plate and evacuated Tube. FG Renewables offers both systems providing our customers with the most efficient system for their installation.


Flat Plate Collectors consist of a flat ‘radiator’ absorber, covered by glass and insulated. These systems are cheaper but have a lower efficiency with low ambient temperatures and on cloudy days.

Flat plate collectors are seen to be the most attractive collectors on the market, as they can be incorporated within the roof structure.





Evacuated Tube Collectors water is passed through an evacuated tube which contains a black absorber plate. Evacuated tubes are more efficient (up to 90%) and the system allows the water to be heated to high temperatures and remain effective even on cloudy days.

Evacuated tubes are generally 30% more effective than their flat plate companions and tend to work better in cold, humid environments such as the UK and Ireland. However the cost could be up to 20-40% more expensive than flat plate collectors.