Heat Sources

As we are at the forefront of heat pump installation we are able to undertake all aspects of ground preparation for our clients. We offer the full range of collectors and will design the system that fits best with the land or available water source, the local geology and the heating requirements.

Since the early days we’ve installed collectors in   hundreds   of   different soil conditions and   rock   formations. This experience combined with close cooperation with the best drilling operators in the country gives us local knowledge.

The main types of collector are described below:

Closed Horizontal loop

Horizontal loops are often considered when adequate land surface is available. Pipes are placed in trenches in lengths that range from 30m to 120m and at a min. depth of 1m.

Closed Vertical loop

Vertical loops are the ideal choice when available land surface is limited. Well drilling equipment is used to bore 150mm diameter holes from depths of 60m to 120m (200 to 400 feet).

Open loop system

Open loop systems  utilize  ground  water as a direct energy source. In ideal conditions, an open loop application is the most economical type of geothermal system.  Although   predominantly   used for commercial applications these can be economically utilized for domestic use where the water table is high.

Pond (lake)

Pond (lake) loops are very economical to install when a body of water is available, because excavation costs are virtually eliminated. Coils of pipe are simply placed on the bottom of the pond or lake.