Biomass Boilers

Why Biomass Heat

Why Biomass Heat

There are some very good reasons why now is a very good time to install a biomass boiler from FG Renewables

  • Biomass heat is significantly cheaper than oil, LPG, or electricity… and increasingly better value than gas.
  • Payback on investment can take as little as 4 years, return on investment as high as 25%.
  • Well proven technology; durable reliable and efficient.
  • Wood chip can deliver heat at between 3.0p/kWh, wood pellets at around 4.5p/kWh versus oil or LPG at 5.5-6.5p/kWh and electricity at 15p+ /kWh.
  • Fully automated technology, and very easy to use
  • Supported by Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI)


Wood Pellet Boilers are an eco-friendly and economically viable solution for home, commercial and industrial heating. Modern wood heating systems operate just as well as conventional oil or gas systems with efficiency in excess of 90% and operate in the same way with the exception of the fuel delivery.

The Wood Pellet Boilers automatically control the auger which feeds the wood pellets into the boiler and depending on the boiler model the fuel is ignited either by elements or an electric blower. The frequency/quantity of fuel and the Kw output are all controlled by the boiler interface.


Benefits of Wood Pellet Boilers

  • Carbon Neutral – extremely low carbon emissions.
  • High efficiency
  • Advanced control package
  • Reduced fuel costs


The highest quality biomass equipment is widely recognised to come from Austria - partly because of the amount of experience gained developing wood burning technology, but also the renowned use of quality engineering.

Established in 1896 HERZ has produced tens of thousands of biomass boilers over many years. The boiler sizes range from 20kW - 500kW for dry woodchip or pellet boilers, 15kW - 40kW for log boilers and 10kW - 30kW for pellet boilers.

By selecting a Herz system customers are achieving a balance between quality, cost and sophistication.



  • Compact construction
  • Single phase chip boilers up to 100kW
  • Energy efficient operation resulting in low noise levels
  • Simple to operate, fully automated
  • High efficiency output
  • Automatic clean step grate technology combined with tip grate for complete
  • cleaning of the burning chamber, automated cleaning of the vertical heat
  • exchanger, and automatic de-ashing
  • Simple 3D colour touch screen
  • Powerful controller capacity
  • Remote access using Smartphone, PC or Tablet PC
  • Burnback protection Flap & burnback inhibitor
  • Insulated body for low radiated heat loss and increased efficiency